East Ontario

Prescott / Russell and Glengarry

Prescott / Russell and Glengarry

Discover the unique charm of our rural communities nestled in the heart of Eastern Ontario. For a picturesque experience, take a drive along the Ottawa River witch is the main tributary of the St-Laurence River. The River is an important segment of the border between the Canadian provinces of Quebec and OntarioWho knows you might fall in love with the area and establish your home here! Throughout the seasons, the Township of Alfred- Plantagenet and its beautiful rural landscapes will add to the warm welcome of its residents. You will find breathtaking scenery in every corner. Our seven villages, located on the shoreline of the Ottawa River offer numerous outdoor activities. Approximately an hour from either Ottawa or Montreal, the area offers access to the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle trails, golf courses, where you can observe wildlife and nature. Numerous dairy farms dot the countryside and it is recognized as the French Fry Capital of Canada!

Champlain-Vankleek Hill-L'Orignal:
Champlain Township is known for its strong agricultural base, industrial and entrepreneurial activity but its many festivals and special events make it a “go-to” place for all kinds of reasons! Vankleek Hill is the proud “Gingerbread Capital of Ontario”, so named because of its many stately homes all boasting intricate wooden decorations called “gingerbread”. Also find nearby L’Orignal, village on the Ottawa River waterfront marina and old jail museum If you like to take walks or drive in Champlain Township, you'll find the best way to explore the countryside: The 72-km recreational trails. The annual Vankleek Hill Agricultural Fair is Ontario's second-oldest.Visitors also enjoy the Festival of Flavors, the May Festival and the Trash and Treasure day. Would you like to live here?

Hawkesbury’s is located between the City of Ottawa to the west and the Quebec border to the east. To the south, Hawkesbury real estate is mainly located to the south, and to the north by the historic Ottawa River. A welcoming town with cultural and touristic flair, art scene and breathtaking scenery capture and the many attractions will please visitors, including the majestic Ottawa River which flows alongside numerous recreational facilities, The countryside, which beckons from right next door is offered a pleasurable urban shopping experience and the Hawkesbury District & General Hospital. The small town focuses on business, industry and services so if you are seeking new ventures and opportunities, it is an ideal area to start and raise a family and will cater all your needs.

East Hawkesbury-Chute a Blondeau-St Eugene:
Welcome to the Township of East Hawkesbury! Located on the Quebec border, this township is the gateway to Ontario. In the heart of this region you will find Voyageur Park. This provincial park faces the once tumultuous Long Sault rapids, which travelers had to bypass by portage up the Ottawa River. The Carillon Dam raised the water level and created a shoreline of marshes and coves available to birds and wildlife. To explore on foot, by canoe or in the winter on skis. Admire the heritage farms, the large cultivated fields and the forests of Chute-à-Blondeau and St-Eugène! The area is also home to the famed Hawkesbury Golf and Curling Club, offering challenging golf for all levels. Mature tree lined driveways and challenging raised greens are the trademark of this course, which is known to be much more difficult than its length suggests. The distance of the course ranges from 5,250 yards on the front tees to 6,700 on the championship tees. Come and have fun, come reconnect with your agricultural roots, which are part of life in East Hawkesbury Real Estate!

Alexandria-Green Valley-Glen Robertson: 
Glengarry County is proud of its Celtic heritage and nowhere is it more obvious than in North Glengarry. Maxville hosts the Glengarry Highland Games, the largest event of its kind outside of Scotland. Glengarry North is home to many historic churches, and the quaint shops of Alexandria and Maxville are a great base for finding little treasures to decorate your home. The Township of North Glengarry developed from the second half of the eighteenth century with the settlement of immigrants from Scotland and Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution, then from French-speaking farmers in Quebec. Canada's two founding cultures span the entire municipality creating a unique, half Anglophone and half French-speaking atmosphere. At a weekend in North Glengarry, residents and tourists can go out and enjoy the outdoors, listen to music and history at a special community event, or just relax and enjoy the pace. Rural life in Alexandria, Glen Robertson or Green Valley to name a few villages, is the best! Most of North Glengarry is included in the Raisin source protection area. Discover fresh local foods from our farmers market, find your next home with Hawkesbury Real Estate, find locally made products no matter what your flavor is in life, North Glengarry Township is the place to find it!

The Nation:
The Nation Municipality is made up of communities of different sizes and origins, including Limoges and Calypso, Canada's largest theme water park, Casselman, St. Albert and its famous cheese factory, St-Isidore, Fournier and St-Bernardin. It includes the conservation of the South Nation composed of the Larose Forest with a history beginning in 1928 when the agronomist Ferdinand Larose began the work of a first coniferous plantation on abandoned farms near Bourget. Since then, it has turned into a site of the most interesting. Another interesting site, this time natural, Alfred's bog. The peat bog is considered the highest quality peat bog in southern Ontario and was designated a Category 1 wetland and an area of ​​natural and scientific interest by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in 1984. is home to rare animal species and a healthy moose population. You can find everything with Hawkesbury Real Estate! Many residential developments are located among beautiful landscapes and many are served by municipal water and sewer services.

With over a decade experience, Lynda lives and breathes real estate. Having enjoyed the great pleasure of growing up in the Hawkesbury area, Lynda has always been a business owner and became a licensed realtor in 2007 with the only two things on my mind; excellence and exceptional customer service. Her clients are afforded a knowledgeable professional, not only in the buying and selling of their home, but someone who marries their expertise with the local community, her listening skills, and attention to detail.